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Paper Webkey FAQ

How it Works

How Does it Work?

Because the USB Webkey does not have any flash memory it is the controller chip of the Webkey (IC chip) that does the work. When connected to a computer the Webkey behaves like a keyboard. The keyboard then instructs your computer to 1) launch your computer’s internet browser and 2) go to the URL website we programmed to the key for you.

What is a Web Key?

A USB Webkey is a small USB device. Unlike a regular USB, it does not have flash memory so it cannot be used as a storage device to store music, movies, photos or documents. However it does have a purpose, and the Webkey’s purpose is to launch a website automatically when plugged into a computer, which it does directly – without clicks or human intervention.

They are to computers what QR codes are to smartphones!

Why use Paper USB?

1. Low cost
2. Easy to use - just plug it into your computer
3. Effective (10-30% response rates)
4. Trackable ROI
5. Fully customizable

Webkeys are proven to have higher ROI and engagement than basic print only marketing material. Standard printed leaflets will typically have a 0.5% – 2% response rate, whereas Webkey ROI’s range averages from 10% to 30% (depending on the effectiveness of the messaging). Many well constructed and highly targeted Webkey campaigns have achieved 85% ROI.

The Webkey can take customers directly from the printed collateral (insert, brochure, flyer, compliment slip), quickly and seamlessly to your online information or website messaging. Whether it is your main website or a micro-site specific to the campaign, they will be taken directly there without having to type in any complicated URLs.

There are many articles and analytics available that explain a buyer’s route to making a purchase decision. In today’s competitive marketplace, where brands and products are fighting for attention, it is more important than ever to deliver memorable marketing that cuts through the competition, bringing the targeted buyer directly to you.

What makes Webkeys so powerful is the engaging way in which they function! You have the safe knowledge that the Webkey will take customers to your website and prevent them finding your competitors’ websites due to the human instinct to search the internet for options.

What is the order minimum?

The paper webkey has a minimum order quantity of just 500 units for all formats.

If you would like to split your order using different designs, the minimum is also 500 units per design (additional setup fees may apply in letter cases).

What is the Cost?

The cost of your project will depend on the format you select as well as the quantity needed. Our prices normally include the printing, packaging, URL programming and shipping cost to your destination.

To get a cost estimate simply click here

What is the quality of paper used?

The standard paper used is normally 250-350 GSM coated cardboard - depending on the format chosen.

*Recycled materials can also be used upon request.

Can I store data on the Paper USB?

The Paper Webkey is essentially a redirect device. Other than the minimal website url details programmed into the key so that it can instantly route users to your online website, the key contains very little content.

The paper webkey was not designed to store large amounts of data - It was designed specifically to have just enough memory to store the website address you wish to direct users to when plugged into any computer. If you wish are looking for a promotional USB key, we suggest going with a more traditional memory stick built for for more long term use.

Is this product Mac compatible?

Yes - the paper webkey will work on any PC system or Mac OS 10.6 or later.

What format do you require my artwork to be in?

Ideally we require your artwork in .ai (Adobe Illustrator format) in order to reproduce your design on paper with better quality. We can also accept a high resolution format .pdf file if your artwork is not overly complex.

Do I need my own design or can you make one for me?

USB Canada offers graphic design services in case you do not have your design ready-made or in the case that you do not have your own designer. The cost for this service is $60/hour with a $60 minimum.

What Formats are available?

USB Canada offers several formats for the paper webkey to best suit your promotional needs: single panel, postcard, 2 panel brochure, 3 panel brochure, magazine insert, direct mailer, business card, credit card and mini card format. Custom formats can also be made tailored to your specifications.

What is the production time?

The production time is calculated once we have your artwork preview approved. From that point production will take 2-3 weeks on average. For orders larger than 50,000 units the production time may be longer.